Why OutSite™ is the solution you are looking for

Clinical trials are suffering from ancient approaches to patient recruitment. Sites often can’t provide enough patients to complete your clinical trial and struggle to find new ones due to outdated recruitment strategies (e.g., print and out of home media, etc.). Our industry needs a smarter approach to patient recruitment.
When you are directly interacting with patients, patient organizations, and healthcare professionals (HCPs), our transparent OutSite approach changes everything to your advantage.

How OutSite™ can help you reach more patients and speed up enrollment

Our established processes and proven scientific methods enable us to deliver state of the art service while remaining completely transparent throughout the entire patient recruitment journey. Our structured methodology makes OutSite™ universally applicable in any clinical trial phase, indication, or situation.

OutSite™ gives you insights and analytics for better predictability

OutSite™ Feasibility answers the question, “Do we have enough patients to conduct this study?”. Before launching your clinical trial, we are giving you patient recruitment certainty.
After providing you with enrollment prediction models on your specific patient population, OutSite™ Patient Recruitment helps to ensure your clinical trial’s last patient out (LPO) date.

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About Us

Trials24 accelerates patient recruitment to support biopharmaceutical companies and CROs complete their clinical trials on time, bringing innovative drugs to patients faster.

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