What We Can Do for Your Clinical Trial

We speed up your clinical trial’s patient recruitment by reaching patients outside your site’s databases. We call this the OutSite™ approach. Find patients when the site’s databases reach their limit. Our proven 4-step FISE process is a holistic way to find patients who are not registered at your clinical trial sites. We contact them online, through patient organizations, or to their treating physicians. Our scientific SME method for service delivery provides you with all the data and ensures maximum cost efficiency. The OutSite approach works in all clinical trial phases and for many indications – including complex ones like cancer and rare diseases.

Our Values



Our services are fully transparent towards patients, CROs, and Sponsors.



We are scientists at heart. We deliver measurable results for your clinical trial.



We are fully compliant and auditable for IT security, GDPR, and quality management.

We are here to support you

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