Our proven 4-step FISE process

Our proven 4-step FISE process takes the entire patient journey into account – especially in complex indications like cancer or in rare diseases.
step 1


We identify where your patients are: Online, in patient communities, with patient organizations, or at their attending physicians. Then, we build holistic awareness campaigns to approach the patients for your clinical trial.

step 2


Patients want information about your trial: medically correct, easy to understand, comprehensive, and transparent. When patients are interested, informing them is crucial. Our clinical trial’s Patient Companion Hub, especially built for you, is the key to achieve this.

step 3


When a patient or caregiver is informed and considers taking part in your clinical trial, they need to find an easy way to check their eligibility for your clinical trial online. With your clinical trial-specific online prescreening, patients know right away if they are eligible. Your sites don’t have to deal with lots of requests from unsuitable patients.

step 4


Once patients know they are eligible, they need to be shown the next steps to participating in your trial. We are closing the gap from online information to the first visit to a clinical trial site. Our Patient Companion Service takes care of the patient, provides them with additional information, and guides them to the site.


When to use OutSite?

The OutSite approach is universally applicable in any clinical trial phase, indication, or situation.


Use OutSite during any clinical trial phase

Pharmaceutics & Biotechnology

Phases I, II, III or IV.

Medical devices

Post-Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF) studies for Post-Market Surveillance (PMS) of many medical devices.


Use OutSite in many indications

Complex diseases

  • CNS
  • Oncology
  • Rare diseases
  • Widespread diseases

  • Infectious diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Autoimmune and Inflammatory diseases
  • Situations

    Use OutSite in various situations

    Enable your clinical trial

    Find out if you can reach patients when no one else can. When no patient databases exist. When you want to include patient organizations, patient communities, and HCPs. We enable your clinical trial program.

    Plan your study protocol and patient recruitment

    Predict your patient recruitment and ensure your LPO date. When you need patient insights, epidemiology data on your patient population’s specific in- and exclusion criteria data to develop your clinical trial protocol and model how you can reach your patient population.

    Conduct and rescue your clinical trial

    When your trial needs to speed up patient recruitment. We can help you in the set up phase, during startup or when you are in need of rescue. When established databases from sites or other vendors don’t have enough patients, we are here to support you.

    The scientific SME method delivers results transparently

    We implement our projects using scientific methods – designed by scientists for scientists. It creates unprecedented transparency. You will get to know the true costs for patient recruitment and see data on what works. Our workflow is comparable to any experiment in the laboratory: We set up your clinical trial recruitment strategy, measure the results, and share them with you. Based on the data you get, we make an informed decision to expand the patient recruitment efficiently.

    Set up

    We carefully align the OutSite strategy with you and set up your customized clinical trial’s Patient Companion Hub. Ready to start, everything is submitted for EC approval.


    After ethics approval, we launch your OutSite patient recruitment. In the first months, we measure efficiency. You see the data and get to know the actual costs of enrollment.


    Backed by actual data, we expand enrollment efficiently and accelerate recruitment. This ensures that you deliver on your LPO date.

    We are here to support you

    Do you want to learn more about how you can use the OutSite solutions in your clinical trial? Contact us now.