How it works

3 out of 4 clinical trials are delayed due to patient recruitment issues. But why wait until everything is already too late? Develop your protocol with data from your patient population. De-risk your patient recruitment before you start your clinical trial with Trials24. Use our OutSite Feasibility solution.

Set up a patient survey

We build a patient survey and use your in- and exclusion criteria. If you don’t have them yet, we will design the survey so that you know how to develop your protocol optimally.

Measure the results

We then launch the survey and get insights from your patient population. What’s remarkable: We are using the same methods for awareness that we will use for patient recruitment later, so we know if it works in advance.

Ensure your enrollment

With these data in hand, you can plan and optimize your protocol and patient recruitment in advance. Get the certainty to deliver on your LPO date for your clinical trial.

OutSite™ Patient Recruitment: speed up enrollment

Find patients for your clinical trial outside your site’s databases and accelerate patient recruitment. OutSite™ Patient Recruitment helps to ensure your clinical trial’s last patient out (LPO) date.

How it works

Is your patient recruitment already running behind? When your clinical trial sites can’t recruit the patients as predicted, find more patients OutSite™ with Trials24. Reach your patients where they really are: online, with patient organizations, or at their treating physician. Use our OutSite Patient Recruitment solution.

Set up the OutSite solution

With our FISE process, we find your interested patients and inform them of your clinical trial’s specific Patient Companion Hub. The online prescreening selects only eligible patients. Our Patient Companions, specially qualified professionals, then guide them to a nearby clinical trial site.

Measure the results

In the first months, we measure the efficiency of the OutSite patient recruitment. You see the data and get to know the true costs of enrollment.

Expand according to your demand

You get clarity from the actual efficiency data, and together, we expand enrollment efficiently. This accelerates recruitment and ensures that you deliver on your LPO date.

We are here to support you

Do you want to learn more about how you can use the OutSite solutions in your clinical trial? Contact us now.