Dr. Tobias Kruse Featured Trials24 Approach in The Health Pulse Podcast by SAS Software

Health Pulse Podcast


Dr. Tobias Kruse discussed our approach in The Health Pulse Podcast by SAS Software. In the podcast, he emphasized that every challenge encountered in clinical trials presents an opportunity for innovation. We discussed how digital advancements, guided by Trials24, are transforming patient engagement and recruitment in clinical trials. The focus is not solely on innovation but also on the collective effort to build a healthier world for everyone.z


Addressing the limitations of conventional recruitment approaches, Trials24 used the potential of online marketing to develop efficient and cost-effective strategies. These strategies save time and substantially enhance success rates in patient recruitment. By incorporating online patient recruitment, we ensure that patient recruitment spans diverse demographics, reaching individuals of varying ages, ethnic backgrounds, and geographical locations.


Special recognition is extended to Alex Maiersperger and Kayt Leonard from The Health Pulse Podcast for their valuable contributions.


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Image from: The Health Pulse Podcast