From Dr. Tobias Kruse, CEO of Trials24 GmbH,
updated on 27.06.2023

The current state of patient recruitment is broken

Does this situation sound familiar? You are conducting site feasibility. You ask your sites how many patients they can recruit. After a while, they send their estimates to you. Some sites tell you they will recruit ten patients per month. But you know that is not going to happen because it practically never has happened before. So, what will the number be that you are actually going to enter into your spreadsheet: Five patients per month? Three patients? Or maybe just one?

When your patient recruitment is challenging, you are not alone: Three out of four clinical trials suffer from problems with enrollment. And 30% of clinical trials are terminated due to issues with patient recruitment.

Unfortunately, this is the current state of the industry for patient recruitment. And it is broken. How we “used to do it” just doesn’t work anymore.

Support your sites by finding patients OutSite

But what is the solution? Smarter approaches are urgently needed. When your sites overpromised or can’t find enough patients, we recommend taking pressure off them. Don’t just open more sites. It is better to find patients outside of your sites’ databases. Use another way and access an untapped patient population that was not previously registered at any of your clinical trial sites. We call this the OutSite™ approach.

OutSite Results

When your clinical trial sites can’t deliver, take the pressure off them. Look beyond their databases and enroll more patients from OutSite.

Speed up enrollment

Think beyond your site’s databases. Go OutSite and find patients directly online, through patient organizations and referring HCPs.

Save costs

We measure the actual costs of recruitment and provide them to you. Our scientific SME method ensures maximum cost efficiency and transparency. You get all the insights.

Ensure your LPO date

De-risk your approach from the start and make sure you deliver on your LPO date instead of solely relying on your sites’ patient recruitment efforts.

What’s Unique About Our OutSite™-Approach

In a single word: Transparency

When working together with patients, caregivers, and doctors, transparency changes everything to your advantage.

Transparency Unites Everyone

From Sponsors to HCPs to patients and caregivers: transparency unites all parties

Sponsors, CROs, HCPs, patient organizations, caregivers, and patients: when everyone is on board, moving in the right direction becomes easier.

A serious disease changes the life of a patient dramatically. But it also affects the lives of all loved ones around them. A transparent approach to patient recruitment unites everyone involved in treating the disease. That is why we build your customized clinical trial’s Patient Companion Hub. It serves patients, their caregivers, as well as attending physicians. Patients and their caregivers find all the information they need about your clinical trial. Patient organizations and patient influencers can decide if they want to share the information with their patients. Attending physicians and other HCPs find medical information to support their patient’s decisions. Every stakeholder has the necessary information and support to make an informed decision.

Data is only collected for this single purpose. We respect data privacy by adhering to GDPR requirements.

This OutSite patient recruitment approach is both patient-centric and trial-centric at the same time.

Transparency Paves New Ways

Transparency paves more effective ways to enroll patients in any indication and study phase

Our solution works without any and thus independently of preexisting databases. The holistic 4-step FISE process enrolls patients across a wide variety of indications and clinical trial phases.

Transparency Enables Risk Sharing

Transparency combines cost clarity with risk-sharing

Our SME method delivers our solutions as you know it from scientific experiments. We set up the Patient Companion Hub, measure the results to share them with you, and, based on the data, we make an informed decision together to expand the recruitment and ensure your LPO date.

With our SME method, we also make sure that our goals are aligned so we can deliver outstanding results. You get all the performance data and have the confidence that the OutSite patient recruitment strategy is ROI-positive for you.

Transparency Safeguards Patient’s Trust

Transparency safeguards the patient’s trust and privacy

“When a patient asks us on the phone how we make a profit, we can answer: In any case, regardless of whether you decide to take part in the clinical trial or not – we support your decision either way.” – Dr. Tobias Kruse, CEO of Trials24.

Safeguarding the patient’s trust is our highest priority. When we approach patients to ask them if they want to participate in your clinical trial, we genuinely feel that we are part of the patient’s treatment decision. So, we must operate under the same rules as physicians. For ethical reasons, doctors may not receive any benefits when prescribing a drug. Otherwise, a conflict of interest is inevitable. Therefore, the entire industry created the FSA Codex. Our services are no exception. We refuse to get paid on a per-patient basis: no pay per referral, no pay per randomization.

We are a neutral, independent service provider. We respect the patient’s treatment decision at any time. This way, we are ensuring ethical standards and FSA Codex compliance when dealing with patients.

Transparency Creates Exclusivity

Transparency creates exclusivity

When we build your customized clinical trial’s Patient Companion Hub, we collect the data from patients for a single purpose: to find eligible patients for your clinical trial. Everything we do for you is only open to you.

We are here to support you

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