Trials24 Recap: Insights from Biotech Showcase & JPM 2024 in San Francisco

Dr. Tobias Kruse from Trials24 at Biotech Showcase in San Francisco


Trials24 is pleased to share insights from our recent Biotech Showcase & JPM 2024 participation in San Francisco. The event provided a platform for interaction with biotech firms and clinical research organizations from various countries. We focused our discussions on improving and shortening patient recruitment processes for clinical trials.


Key takeaways for Trials24:

  • Positive outlook on biotech industry financing, especially for many new drugs and their clinical trials.
  • Emphasis on shortening patient recruitment timelines.
  • Exploration of collaborative opportunities to enhance patient recruitment success and efficiency.


Looking ahead, Trials24 anticipates returning to the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco next year. We also have upcoming events in 2024, such as BIO-Europe Spring in Barcelona this March and the BIO International Convention in San Diego in June. Interested parties are encouraged to connect with us to discuss strategies for optimizing and shortening clinical trial patient recruitment timelines.


Photo by: Dr. Tobias Kruse, CEO at Trials24 GmbH