Insights from the “AI in Clinical Research” Event by DGPharMed e.V.

KI in der Klin Forsung


We are pleased to share our experience at the recent “KI in der Klinischen Forschung” (AI in Clinical Research) event organized by DGPharMed e.V. on October 25th, 2023, in Munich. The event was a significant opportunity for our company to delve into the transformative realm of artificial intelligence in clinical research.


The event’s highlight was the thought-provoking presentation by Prof. Dr. Timo Schinköthe. His expertise and visionary perspectives on AI’s role in clinical research profoundly impacted our team. We were particularly impressed by CANKADO’s groundbreaking scientific research, integrating AI into their digital health platform for cancer patients.


Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate future DGPharMed e.V. events and the opportunity to continue meaningful discussions and collaborations within the dynamic landscape of AI in clinical research.


Photo from: DGPharMed e.V. website