Med Tech Connect Webinar Series: The Study Is Running – But Where Are the Patients?

Dr. Tobias Kruse was a keynote speaker at webinar "Challenges and Opportunities in Clinical Studies"


On September 30, 2021, Dr. Tobias Kruse, CEO of Trials24, took part as a keynote speaker in the Climedo Connect webinar series organized by Climedo.


Addressing a critical aspect of clinical trials, Dr. Kruse delved into the challenges of patient recruitment and offered solutions from Trials24: online patient recruitment and Patient-Reported Feasibility Studies. Favoring decentralized recruitment strategies over traditional methods, he emphasized the importance of digital platforms such as Google and Facebook to attract potential participants. Emphasizing the shift away from print media, Dr. Kruse outlined four key steps for effective decentralized recruitment, illustrating them with a lip herpes study. From finding suitable patients to contacting and successfully referring them to a suitable center so that the patient can join the study.


The session ended with active participation from the participants, who expressed their gratitude to Dr. Kruse for his experience and knowledge.


Image from: Climedo website