Dr. Tobias Kruse on TUM Venture Labs Expert Session

TUM Venture Labs


The event held by TUM Venture Labs provided Trials24 with the opportunity to share its unique journey of solo bootstrapping within patient recruitment for clinical trials.


“As the sole founder, navigating the complexities of Trials24’s development without external funding has been both challenging and rewarding,” — said Dr. Tobias Kruse, founder and CEO of Trials24.


Trials24 engaged the audience with insights garnered from first-hand experience, emphasizing the following key points:

  • Strategies employed to thrive as a solo founder in the clinical trial patient recruitment business.
  • Approaches to effect meaningful change within highly regulated industries without relying on external investments.
  • Techniques for navigating the landscape of pharmaceuticals, particularly in patient recruitment for clinical trials.
  • Practical advice for overcoming challenges in bootstrapping within a niche market.


If you have any questions about this event or need to shorten your patient recruitment timeline, please contact us.


Image from: LinkedIn Post by TUM Venture Labs