Trials24 Participates in the BMVA Symposium 2023 in Munich



On November 23, 2023, our team participated in the 31st BVMA Symposium, a landmark event held at the new venue, Holiday Inn Munich – City Centre. The theme “Klinische Forschung neu denken: Vom Patienten bis zur KI” (Rethinking Clinical Research: From Patients to AI) provided a dynamic backdrop for engaging discussions and exploring cutting-edge topics. The Round-Table session on “Die Stimme der Patienten in klinischen Studien” (The Voice of Patients in Clinical Studies) was a notable event highlight.


More information about the event can be found in the Symposium Brochure.


If you have any questions about this event or need to shorten your patient recruitment timeline, please contact us.


Photo by: Kelly Ackroyd, HR Manager at Trials24 GmbH