Trials24 Joins Pharmaxi Partner’s Network to Enhance Patient Recruitment and Clinical Trials Efficiency in CEE

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Munich/Kyiv, Monday, 08 April 2024 – Trials24, a service provider accelerating patient recruitment for clinical trials globally, is announcing today its partnership with Pharmaxi, a CRO specialized in clinical trials for medicinal products, medical devices, and nutritional supplements in Poland, Ukraine, and the Western Europe region.

This partnership is set to synergize Trials24’s tailored expertise in online patient recruitment with Pharmaxi’s cutting-edge technological capabilities in clinical trial management. By leveraging digital platforms for targeted patient outreach and sophisticated data analysis, the collaboration expedites the clinical trial process and ensures a higher quality of trial data and patient diversity. This synergy ultimately aims to bring innovative treatments to patients more quickly and efficiently, demonstrating a pivotal advancement in clinical research methodologies.


Dr. Tobias Kruse, CEO of Trials24, stated: “Becoming a member of Pharmaxi’s partner’s network allows Trials24 to explore new partnering opportunities and bring innovative drugs to patients faster. By combining Trials24’s Online Patient Recruitment and Patient-Reported Feasibility Study with Pharmaxi’s effective planning and managing clinical data approaches, we aim to accelerate clinical trial timelines by delivering patient-centric and cost-effective solutions.”


Yurii Lebid, CEO of Pharmaxi, noted: “We recognize the significance of robust collaboration and foresee a future where the combined efforts of Pharmaxi and Trials24 serve as the catalyst for pioneering advancements and unmatched achievements meeting the needs of every client in the clinical research industry”.


Clinical trial recruitment and management are a bottleneck in developing new treatments. Over the past decades, patient-centric approaches have proven to be the best way to recruit and keep patients in clinical trials. Utilizing digital technologies and online patient recruitment strategies, Trials24 offers a solution that significantly reduces recruitment time and improves diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical trials. Pharmaxi’s mission is to increase the accessibility of clinical study services and facilitate the rapid market entry of effective new drugs and medical devices, particularly in the face of rising costs and time constraints in research and development.


Trials24 and Pharmaxi are united by their mutual commitment to continuous improvement and their shared vision of advancing patient-centric approaches in clinical trials. Together, both companies will create significant synergy, offering a new level of patient enrollment to our clients, streamlining the collection of study results, and bringing new, efficient medications to the market.


About Trials24

Trials24 accelerates patient recruitment for clinical trials globally, helping CROs and biopharmaceutical companies find patients their sites can’t reach. Based in Munich, Germany, Trials24’s approach centers around Online Patient Recruitment and Patient-Reported Feasibility Studies to ensure the predictability of their campaign’s successes, timelines, and costs. Thanks to a triple-prequalification process for patients before referral, each patient is carefully screened for eligibility, and sites enroll 20 to 40% of Trials24’s referred patients. Trials24 consistently delivers 20-65% of all randomized patients in clinical trials and often shortens the study recruitment period by six months or more. Explore further:


About Pharmaxi

Pharmaxi is a customer-oriented, flexible, innovative, and cost-effective contract research organization that offers services in Poland, Ukraine, and other Eastern European countries. Pharmaxi conducts clinical trials, post-marketing studies, and maintains registries to collect clinical and efficacy data for medicines, medical devices, and IVD products. The Pharmaxi team of experts includes professionals in IT, project management, biostatistics, and clinical trial governance, who work collaboratively to provide integrated services. Its innovative approach to organizing and conducting clinical studies elevates the level of evidence and quality to a new standard. Learn more at



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